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Does no mean later?

One thing that is prominent here in this beach town are street peddlers. The moment you sit down, several of them will approach and asked "miss, you need mani/pedi, massage, waxing, sunglasses etc." The most heart-wrenching ones, are the young children around 4-7 years of age who are selling little hand made bracelets and hair bands. If you say no, they respond with okay then later. I'm a sucker for these types of things and I just end up buying whatever is sold to me. I wish I had more guts and will power but then I think what if that was me and that was my only source of income to feed myself and my family. It's hard to say no hence 1 sarong, 2 sunglasses, 4 bracelets and 2 hair bands later, I am officially banning myself from the beach. Thank goodness we head back to Phnom Penh tomorrow. I don't know how much more my wallet can handle.


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The life of a beach bum

Sihanoukville sits in the center of a small peninsula that juts into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Fine pearl-white sand cover the shores and the view of the sea is spectacular. The main beaches are lined with thatched roof seafood shacks directly facing the water. Many offer beers on draft for 50 cent. If you're craving something to snack on, then for $3 you can get 5 large prawns to munch on. This is my kind of town.








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Beach bums for a few days

We just arrived in Sihanoukville today. This southern coastal town is very new and westernized. Probably the most American-like we've seen so far. I booked a deluxe bungalow at the Reef Resort and it's less than a 5 minute way to the beach. The hotel boast the most types of tequila available in Southeast Asia. We didn't get to try any because we were so excited that they have Crown Royal here. :)







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Favorite food and beer

We love Angkor beer! I need to find this stuff back home in the states. I was told that locals preferred cans but I think bottles is the way to go. Ah well, another thing that identify me as a tourist.


Our new favorite fruit is mangosteen. I can't really describe the taste but trust me it's good.


My all-time favorite Khmer dish is amok. I've eaten it almost everyday. It's a type of fish curry that's either steamed in a coconut shell or banana leaf. I'll probably come back home a few pounds heavier because of this. :)




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Sick overseas

Jose and I came down with a cold over the last several days. I had a sore throat and cough and Jose had a fever. Poor Jose was subjected to traditional Cambodian holistic medicine. It wasn't a pleasant experience but the very next day he said he felt a whole lot better.


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