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Eating bugs

Bugs and other types of creepy crawlies are a staple in the Khmer diet. It's convenient, cheap and filled with protein. You'll find them on roadside stalls being freshly fried in oil. We decided to pick up a couple and try it out to see what all the hype was about (well Jose tried it, I observed from a distance). According to Jose, it was tasty. Hmmm.... I think I'll pass on this one.



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What kind of room can you get for 25USD a night?

It's ridicuously affordable to stay in Cambodia. Most guest houses vary in price from $5-$55 per night depending on your taste and what suits your need. I used Tripadvisor as a tool for researching places to stay in Siem Reap and The Golden Temple Villa was ranked in the top 5. For $25 per night you receive free pickup/dropout off at the bus station, a refreshing welcome drink, a free massage, a real bathroom with toilet (more about that in a later blog), a private balcony and free wifi. The customer service here is fantastic. The reception staff speaks at least 3 languages fluently and we are always greeted with a friendly Khmer smile. Plus it's within walking distance to the night market and pub street.








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Karoake Queen

Khmer people love to sing. A popular past time is going to a KTV and reserving a private room for a couple of hours. It's like a mini club complete with disco ball and private hostess that attends to our drinks and music selection. Jose didn't even get a chance on the mic because my twin cousins took over and sang their hearts out. Our total tab for the night including beer and snack food was only $21.





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A typical Khmer breakfast

Every morning, I order hot coffee and condensed sweet milk for breakfast. Throw in some deep fried dumplings and it's a complete breakfast. Jose prefers noodle soup. But the best thing of all is it all cost less than $2.50.



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How to buy a bus ticket

If you're looking to get some place long distance, then there are plenty of charter buses to choose from in Phnom Penh. We rode along the river front and found a sign for travel and tour and walked in inquiring about bus tickets. It took a phone call from the agent to the bus companies to confirm availability and seating arrangements to Siem Reap and 7 bucks per person later (for a 6 hour ride), we were issued our tickets. Easy as pie.






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