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December 2011

A typical Khmer breakfast

Every morning, I order hot coffee and condensed sweet milk for breakfast. Throw in some deep fried dumplings and it's a complete breakfast. Jose prefers noodle soup. But the best thing of all is it all cost less than $2.50.



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How to buy a bus ticket

If you're looking to get some place long distance, then there are plenty of charter buses to choose from in Phnom Penh. We rode along the river front and found a sign for travel and tour and walked in inquiring about bus tickets. It took a phone call from the agent to the bus companies to confirm availability and seating arrangements to Siem Reap and 7 bucks per person later (for a 6 hour ride), we were issued our tickets. Easy as pie.






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Got beef?

Street food. Only for the adventurous. Our first day out eating in Phnom Penh was at a road-side shop that specialized in kebobs. I asked my cousin what kind of meat were being grilled on the open bbq and was told beef. Beef liver, beef strips and something resembling beef meatballs on a stick. It smelled wonderful and tasted yummy! You're charged by the stick. I had 3 and Jose had 14.





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Tuk tuk and moped survival 101

The easiest way to get around Phnom Penh is by tuk tuk. Picture a small carriage pulled by a moped. It can be quite a harrowing experience. Traffic in this city is madness. There's no rhyme or reason to the way people drive here and no rules on how many people you can squeeze onto a vehicle. We've seen cars driving on the opposite side of the road onto oncoming traffic and mopeds with 3 peoples squeezed on a seat back. Sometimes even inches away of nicking each other. I recommend these cardinal rule: keep your hands and feets close to your body, hang on for dear life and bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the dust.





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